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Help support empowerment through education!

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We believe that an educated Texarkana is a better Texarkana. By supporting our annual giving campaign, you are helping us to support our mission to use literacy as a catalyst for positive change.

While many think of literacy as reading and writing, we operate under a broad definition that includes anything a person needs in order to be successful in today's society. In addition to reading, we work to help people gain skills in financial literacy, computer literacy, math, health and wellness literacy, workforce and basic life skills. We have helped people prepare for standardized tests, and we offer family literacy services through our 100 Families Alliance. Our organization serves as a pathway that helps people go from where they are to where they want to be, and our team of staff, volunteers, and community partners are fortunate to be the tour guides that simply point them in the right direction.

Donations made in our annual giving campaign are used to cover operations expenses for our organization. Grantmakers like to fund projects, and while we are certainly thankful to have had many projects funded, we cannot make these projects a reality without a staff and a place to welcome our participants. Fundraising events and money raised in our annual giving campaign provide us with the funds we need in order to run our small organization.

Thank you for making an investment in our community by donating to our annual giving campaign.